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Scott Krady: Magnitude 101

Scott Krady believes that solid marketing and communications are the keys to any company’s growth. If you’re reading this, you may already know that Magnitude can help your company with PR, communications, traditional and digital marketing, and content and social media. But what does that actually mean? Scott, our founder and CEO, dives into the ways Magnitude delivers for clients.

Scott Krady, CEO of Magnitude

What is Magnitude?

Scott Krady started Magnitude in 2019, expanding it in 2021 to meet the changes he saw happening in the marketplace.

“The company was really born out of market demand in the sense that brands are facing much tougher competition than they’ve ever faced before,” he says. Brands “really need the right marketing communications tools to … help their brands grow and hopefully become viable in the marketplace.”

With a B2B focus, Magnitude is on a course of conscious growth in finance and technology, including clients who may fit in another category but whose work is deeply connected to one or both of those spaces. Magnitude’s mission is to help these brands differentiate themselves, build brand awareness and communicate their value proposition effectively.

Are you the “best kept secret” in your industry?

While Magnitude has worked with companies at all stages, from start-up to well-established, our specialty has been creating a higher profile for successful companies that fly under the radar as their industry’s “best kept secret.”

“I like to use the phrase, ‘punch above your weight,’ because I’ve always gravitated towards companies that have great teams, great products, expertise, but haven’t really had the amplification needed to tell the world their story,” Scott says. “There’s so much opportunity, and they’re likely working in an industry or area that’s undergoing massive disruption or growth.”

Magnitude partners with these companies to elevate their profiles as thought leaders in their industry, in turn elevating them in the marketplace.

“A lot of what we do is build credibility for companies,” he says. “Whether it be through digital or traditional earned media opportunities, or engagement programs where we’re creating content mechanisms towards a two-way dialog between our clients and their customers.”

Scott Krady on what makes Magnitude different…

Magnitude focuses on driving a return on investment for our clients. Every strategy exists to boost your profile and your bottom line. When you work with us, you have access to an entire network of organizations that lead to speaking opportunities, thought leadership, visibility, partnerships with professional associations and more. When we work with a client, we help them generate new business from opportunities or relationships we’ve created for them.

We have long-standing, good relationships with influential reporters in top-tier media as well as newer digital media. We leverage these relationships for our clients so they get visibility in the areas most important to their businesses and the halo that comes with attention from influential sources.

Marketing and communications are integrated like they’ve never been before.

“It’s impossible to just do digital, or just do communications if you really want to do it right. Each piece of that puzzle is connected to one another,’ says Scott. Because “we understand … how all these dots connect with one another, we really feel like we can add value to clients.”

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