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Video Content: MyChargeBack’s Elijah On Attracting Engagement

Creating engaging video content as a brand can be a challenge, especially on a budget. Leona Laurie talked with Elijah from MyChargeBack about the successful video series he’s created, aimed at educating and engaging the company‚Äôs audience around financial scams.

video content with elijah from mychargeback

Leona: Can you talk to us a little bit about the audience that you’re trying to reach and what the thought is behind the video content that you produce?

Elijah: Okay, so first of all, I owe a thanks to you, by the way. There’s no way I get to do what I do without you. I would say, if we’re talking about audience … they are devastated in so many ways. They feel violated. We’re talking about people who have lost thousands, hundreds of thousands. So my real emphasis is on learning and about what the realities are of the process that they’re going to go through if they really want to give themselves a fighting shot at getting (their money) back.

Leona: I’d really like you to talk about what it’s been like to start with modest production and to get more sophisticated over time.

Elijah: Nobody really wants to just engage with a company, or a brand… people want to engage with people. So the person that they see on camera has to be somebody they want to hang out with. Assuming you’re semi-technologically literate, the rest of it will come. I don’t think I’ve actually thrown any money at this.

Leona: But it is making money now. You’ve been doing them consistently for six months, and in that time of consistency, you have started generating leads.

Elijah: It’s helped more in sales conversions from all lead sources than it has as a lead generator. In this industry, people are very very on guard. So for there to be a face out there– in a world where everything is just stock images– that has probably been a bigger thing for the brand as a whole and has contributed more towards the financial bottom line.

Leona: In social media there is the expectation of a human touch. MyChargeBack is a pretty conservative company, and it might have been more comfortable for the company to have slickly produced videos that just present information. But that isn’t as likely to be as successful. That’s broadcast. That isn’t engagement. The things you’re doing, humanizing MyChargeBack–and creating a face people can know, a specific person people can know–that has been very successful.

Elijah: I would say, no there’s really no reason to be shy about getting in front of the camera, as long as you’re being you. It’ll come naturally.

Leona: Authenticity is so critical to success in social media, and so is consistency. People often have a hard time grasping the volume of content you have to generate in that time in order to see results within a reasonable amount of time. One of the things you’ve done so beautifully is your sincere enthusiasm for leveraging this medium on behalf of your company, and you have produced a really satisfying volume of content over the last six months.

Thanks so much to Elijah for chatting! See his videos on MyChargeBack’s YouTube channel here.

And check out this evolution! Here’s Elijah’s first video:

And here’s where he is six months later:

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