Provider of the cybersecurity industry’s only preemptive, comprehensive, contextual, and continuous email security.
Insight: New forms of phishing attacks are emerging, targeting Microsoft 365 users and cloud-based services. Not only are billions of dollars at stake, but also the safety of critical infrastructure and trade secrets that could damage corporate reputation and cause irreparable harm to companies and governments all over the world.
Action: For the Area 1 Inbox Clean campaign, we targeted publications and influencers who understood the problems associated with protecting e-mail and other internal systems today. Part of our mandate was to raise awareness of this problem using hard-hitting data and examples of damaging phishing campaigns targeting some of the most well-known brands in the world.
Impact: Recognizing the threat faced by companies and public entities, we positioned Area 1 as a trusted solution and expert on security and created a narrative that highlighted Area 1' Security’s game-changing position in the defense against phishing attacks. The integrated program we created highlighted the risks of Business Email Compromise (BEC), including visible placements in Bloomberg, the Associated Press and Nasdaq Trade Talks. The program was complemented with a series of digital campaigns that educated audiences about Area 1's “Clean Inbox” campaign.