Full-service crypto prime dealer for institutional investors
Insight: Institutional investors are warming up to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, but the trading and settlement infrastructure needed to unlock the value of these investments continues to evolve. To address this sizable market, sFOX needed to gain traction for its platform while also defining the technologies and solutions required to invest in cryptocurrencies at scale.
Action: To build a powerful story, we first had to define the problem. With a grasp of what makes sFOX tick, we positioned the firm as the one that is powering the future of digital assets for institutional investors.
Impact: We positioned the firm as the leading liquidity provider for institutions seeking to invest in digital assets. We secured highly visible stories in Bloomberg and Business Insider that established the firm as an innovator in cryptocurrencies. We earned highly visible coverage for the firm through its recognition as the first crypto company to be approved as a Wyoming Trust and as one of the first firms to complete an NDF derivative transaction – both of which won industry acclaim and drove new business leads for the firm.