New York and San Francisco based investment manager regarded as one of the first water industry investors to invest exclusively in companies and assets that ensure water quality and supply.
Insight: Environment, social and governance (ESG) investing has been focused on carbon. But ESG and impact investing is beginning to recognize water issues as drought, water shortages and other adverse effects of climate change create both investment and socially responsible opportunities.
Action: We launched a communications and customer program tied to a new global public equity water fund that invests in companies focused on solving water quality and scarcity challenges and making a positive impact on water sustainability.
Impact: From the launch of the public fund to ongoing developments, we strengthened Water Asset Management’s position as a leader in water and impact investing and secured high-profile placements in Bloomberg, the Financial Times and Dow Jones Marketwatch. Amplification was key in reaching investors, and through digital we created a client development program focused on establishing credibility among family offices, chief investment officers and registered investment advisers.